FCCM Recertification


To maintain FCCM certification, Fellows must be active CCM members and must be recertified every three years.  A Fellow who has accumulated 150 contact hours of continuing education, meeting the criteria outlined in the FCCM recertification form, during the respective 3 year period will be considered eligible for recertification.  Members who are both FCCM and D(ABMM) certified may submit proof of ABMM recertification in lieu of detailed contact hours. 

Members are notified of their next recertification requirements just prior to the 3 year date.  If the recertification documentation is not received during the subsequent 3 years, the member will be issued a termination warning.  If the recertification documentation for the 2 cycles is not submitted before the end of the 2nd cycle, the member’s status will be terminated.  At that point, the individual would no longer be recognized as a member of the CCM.  The CCM would be unable to attest to the individual’s qualifications as a microbiologist. 

Once a membership status as FCCM is terminated, individuals who request to resume their status as active FCCM members would have to complete the FCCM exams at the next scheduled exam session.

FCCM Recertification Form