The CCM hosts annual Workshops on current topics in microbiology.  These are hosted on the day preceding the beginning of the annual general meeting of CACMID and AMMI.

Recent workshops have included:

2019 Next-Generation Sequencing in Clinical Microbiology (Ottawa)

Muhammad Morshed – Application of NGS in the Clinical and Public Health Microbiology Laboratory

Celine Nadon – Foodborne Disease Prevention and Control in the Genomics Era: Promise and Practice

Jennifer Gardy – Genomics in the Reference Microbiology Laboratory: What can Tuberculosis (TB) Teach Us?

2018 Emerging Zoonotic Infections in Canada: What is the Scope of the
Problem and Are We Prepared to Respond? (Vancouver)

Michael Drebot – Emerging Mosquito-borne Viruses of Public Health Concern / Impact: At Home and Abroad

Robbin Lindsay – Rodent-borne Zoonotic Infections in Canada with Special Emphasis on
Outbreaks Associated with the Pet Trade

Muhammad Morshed: Tick-borne Diseases in Canada: Current Status, Issues and Challenges

2017 A Brave New World: “Global Harmonization of Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing in Canadian Laboratories” (Toronto)

Gunnar Kahlmeter – EUCAST – The Mother Ship: Formation, Roles, and Laboratory Systems in Europe

Paul Ambrose – Defining Antimicrobial Susceptibility for Laboratory Use: USCAST Experience

Bob Rennie- CANCAST – Developing the Tools to Implement Standardization of Antimicrobial
Susceptibility Testing at a National Level across Canada

2016 We Are What We Eat: Our Shared Obligations to Promote Animal,
Ecosystem and Public Health from Microbes to Muscles (Vancouver)

Bonnie Buntain -One Health- Sharing Our Obligations for Food Safety and Security in the 21st Century

Kyle Garver – Canadian Aquaculture: Sustainable Fish Production or Microbe Factories?

Victoria Bowes – A Shared Crisis: The Impact of Avian Influenza (AI) Outbreaks on Agriculture, Public Health, Food Security and the Economy

Clayton Botkin – The Sad Side of Happy Chickens: Salmonella enterica Enteritidis (SE) and ‘Backyard’ Poultry Production

Brian Radke – Our Shared Policy Obligations: The Mug’s Game of Governing Antimicrobial Use Without Measurable Objectives

Lindsay Kehler & Stewart Ritchie – Is Antibiotic-Free a Good Place to Be: Antibiotic Stewardship Strategies in the Poultry Industry and Their Impact on Poultry and Public Health

Bonnie Buntain – Meeting Our Shared Obligations: Tools to Get There and Added Value

2015 Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers and other emerging viruses – The impact on laboratory testing (Charlottetown)

Jim Strong – Ebola in West Africa – Anatomy of the Outbreak and Canada’s Response

Jonathan Gubbay – Laboratory Testing and Handling of Samples from Patients with Suspected Ebola

Michael Drebot – Emerging Viral Infections – What We Need to Worry About

2014 Laboratory Automation – Not Just a Pipe Dream  (Victoria)

Susan Poutanen – Automation in Microbiology –a Paradigm Shift with Widespread Clinical Impact

Marc Romney – Implementation of MALDI-TOF in a Large, Urban Canadian Hospital

Jean-François Gagnon – Microbiology Laboratory Automation, a True Story!

2013 Carbapenemase – Producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE) Detection in Canada: Lessons Learned  (Quebec City)

Michael Mulvey;  Johann Pitout;  Victor Leung

2012 Genomics Overview – From Whole Genome Sequencing to Metagenomics  (Vancouver)

Patrick Tang – Genomics Overview: From Whole Genome Sequencing to Metagenomics

Matthew W. Gilmour – Public Health Genomics and the New Molecular Epidemiology

Charles Chiu – Metagenomics and Infectious Diseases.

2011  Breakpoint – Counterpoint: Defining a Canadian Perspective  (Montreal)

Robert Rennie – Alphabet soup – MIC, ECV, PKPD, and RCT

Gunnar Kahlmeter – The EUCAST Perspective

L. Barth Reller – The CLSI Perspective

2010 Lab on a Chip Technology (Edmonton)

Chris Backhouse – Potential use of Aptamers in Diagnostics

Chris Le – The Latest in Metabolomics

David Wishart – Cultivating a Mentorship Environment

2008  The Emergence of Community-Associated MRSA in Canada: Diagnostic Approaches to Identification (Vancouver)

Mike Mulvey – The Emergence of Community-Associated MRSA in Canada

Jiam Ham – Tem-PCR as a Novel  Method for Molecular Differential Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases

Marc Desjardins – So You Want to do MRSA PCR! The Experience of One Hospital

2007 Validation, Implementation and Quality Assurance of Molecular Diagnostic Tests (Halifax)

James Mahony – Development and Clinical Evaluation of a Fluidic Micro-array Assay, ID-Tag RVP from TmBioscience, for the detection of Human Respiratory Viruses

Yi-Wei Tang – Development and Validation of a StaphPlex System for Rapid and On-demand Identification and Characterization of Staphylococci from Positive Blood Cultures

Joseph Yao – Good QA and QC Practices for Molecular Diagnostic Microbiology Tests

2006 The Scientist in the Management World  (Victoria)

Robert H. Wylie – The pragmatics of demand-driven management skills acquisition and the key role for mentors and advisors

D. Roy Cullimore – Understanding management to succeed in the 21st
Century world and the commercial underpinnings (such as ISO 9000 and ETV)

Dr. José Campione-Piccardo – Research Scientists in Government Organizations – Reflections on Career Path and Success Determinants

2005 Clostridium difficile-This spore’s for you? (Ottawa)

Bob Rennie – What is Clostridium difficile?  Developing and understanding of it’s biology, pathogenesis, and pathology of disease

Michelle Alfa – Diagnostic Testing for toxigenic C. difficile in the clinical laboratory.  Optimization of testing protocols for indentification of disease and for infection control

Michael Mulvey – Molecular methodologies to pinpoint C. difficile infection.  Surveillance of disease in hospitals in Canada.

David Mahony – Novel toxins produced by C. difficile, and possible new option for therapy of infections.