The Canadian College of Microbiologists (CCM) is a professional association for Microbiologists across Canada. The College was incorporated in 1978 under the Canada Corporations Act and has a mandate to:

  • promote Microbiology as a distinct scientific profession and to serve as an association through which professional Microbiologists may develop programs and activities pertaining to their status and professional development;
  • provide certification to recognize the competence of Microbiologists to work with microorganisms with dependability and safety;
  • operate within a legal and professional status as a non-profit organization.



History of the CCM

The Canadian College of Microbiologists was incorporated in 1978 to certify professional microbiologists who have demonstrated proficiency, knowledge and experience within their discipline. This certification has become a marketplace requirement for quality professional microbiologists and is consistently cited by College members and employers as the most important activity of the College.

In addition to professional certification, the College undertakes continuing education programs, reciprocity agreements nationally and internationally, student awards, distinguished lecture support, and certification of training programs.

A short of the history of the CCM from 1978 to 1985 written by the late Dr. Ken Rozee, a former Registrar of the CCM, is outlined in the following URL



Objectives of the CCM

  • To set national standards and recognition of qualifications held by microbiologists.
  • To promote public recognition and appreciation of microbiology as a multidisciplinary profession.
  • To promote the interests and concerns of the profession with the public, industry and government.
  • To act as a source of expertise in microbiology.
  • To promote among students a recognition of the importance of microbiology as a profession and the need for adequate training.
  • To promote the employment of registered microbiologists.
  • To promote the use of a code of ethics by members and the profession.