1)  RCCM Syllabus and Sample Examination

To be certified as an RMCCM a candidate must have a knowledge of microbiology that would typically be obtained from receiving a BSc degree in microbiology from a Canadian University.  This level of knowledge must be comprehensive and encompass as much as possible the field of microbiology.  The URL below lists the syllabus on which the candidate will be examined.  In addition there is a sample examination which includes the types of questions to which the candidate will have to respond.

It is strongly advised that the candidate review the syllabus in detail when studying for the exam.  Completing the enclosed exam will provide a valuable insight as to what to expect.

RMCCM syllabus


2) FCCM Syllabus

FCCM Syllabus

The Syllabus on which the FCCM oral and written exams are based is outlined in the URL below.

Please review this syllabus in detail when preparing for the examination.